2017 National Single Mom of the Year Named by The Life of a Single Mom

2017-08-28T20:22:08+00:00August 28th, 2017|the life of a single mom ministries, TLSM|

Jessica Everett of Gulfport, Mississippi has been named the 2017 National Single Mom of the Year by The Life of a Single Mom. The judging committee was comprised of business professionals and single moms from the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Baton Rouge, LA August 21, 2017 – Jessica Everett, single mom of two in Gulfport, [...]

Remove the Pillows From the Landing by J.E. Berry

2017-08-09T18:23:56+00:00August 28th, 2017|Jade Berry|

Protecting our precious children is a part of the job description as parents. We do our best to keep them alive as long as we can, teach them what we can, and release them when we can. We take our caretaker roles to new heights when we feel a threat approaching and become part ninja, [...]

Intentional Happiness by Karol Ladd

2017-07-17T02:51:19+00:00August 14th, 2017|Karol Ladd|

When’s the last time you had a good hearty belly laugh? Been a while? Proverbs reminds us that “laughter is good medicine,” but sometimes we need to be intentional about creating opportunities for laughter within the busyness of life. One single mom I know recommends scheduling regular “Fun Nights” for the family, so everyone has [...]

Releasing Your Ex to God by Laura Polk

2017-05-31T14:50:30+00:00August 7th, 2017|Laura Polk|

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I sat in court for what had to be the thirtieth time in the previous three-and-a-half years. The battle had been long, and exhausting, and the most harrowing experience of my life. I felt defeated, and unheard, and pushed aside by a system that seemed to cater to [...]