National Single Mom of the Year Honored in Baton Rouge

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On Friday, October 16, 2015, the National Single Mom of the Year awards ceremony was held at Healing Place Church. The 2015 recipient, Dayna Buri of Duvall, Washington, described it as a weekend she'll not soon forget. She was greeted by a welcoming committee at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport, complete with a dozen roses, balloons, [...]

Finding Rest As A Single Mom by Jennifer Maggio

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Is that a joke? Finding rest as a single mom? Motherhood is a full-time, 24/7, 365 days per year job and there’s simply no vacation. We love those babies more than anyone else on earth possibly could. They bring us joy and laughter and our hearts could almost burst when we see them hit a new milestone. Mothers love [...]

Got Regret? by Pam Kanaly

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Have you ever done something as a single mom that looking back you thought: How could I have done that? Or how could I NOT have weighed the consequences in case I’m misunderstood?  Surely if you’re human, you’ve lived long enough to have at least ONE regret! One thing is certain: regret leaves a wound [...]