Calling All Angels

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  The Life of a Single Mom, (TLSM) headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is an award-winning 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that exists to see that no single parent walks alone. Single parents arrive at single parenthood in a variety of ways, including divorce, death, unplanned pregnancy, fostering, and more. Our Calling All Angels Campaign is [...]

The Truth about Red Flags By Christy Johnson

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Have you ever missed a red flag in a new relationship? Gotten emotionally connected and everything seems great? Given your heart away and then all of a sudden. BAM. Out of nowhere, you see issues surface that you never saw coming. I have a theory for why we often miss the red flags. It’s called [...]

Mending Broken Relationships

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I've been reading in the book of Philemon for the past couple days and just meditating on what it is about. At first, I wondered why God would choose to add this short and seemingly insignificant letter to the Bible. Out of all of the possible writings, thoughts and stories that Paul could tell about [...]

2015 National Single Mom of the Year Named

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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Baton Rouge, LA September 3, 2015 – Dayna Buri, single mom of one in Duvall, Washington received the surprise of a lifetime when she answered the phone. Jennifer Maggio, Chief Executive Officer of The Life of a Single Mom, was on the other end congratulating Buri on winning the 2015 National [...]


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The Life of a Single Mom Ministries exists for you -- the single mom and those who serve single moms. We recognize that our audience comes to us in a variety of ways. Maybe you were doing research on on a search engine, because you are a single mom who needs encouragement and you stumbled [...]