Single Moms Serving Others by Jennifer Maggio

2019-10-23T08:51:18-05:00August 31st, 2015|Jennifer Maggio|

Anyone who has known me for more than about 30 seconds knows my passion for serving the single-parent family. The desire to see no single parent walking alone – to see the body of Christ working fervently to reach single parents for Christ’s cause – keeps me up at night. I have big dreams of [...]

Accountability and Money by Steve Repak

2019-10-23T08:57:35-05:00August 17th, 2015|Steve Repak|

Before I get into the money stuff, if you were one of the lucky mom’s that attended the National TLSM Single Mom Conference in June, I am not sharing anything that you didn’t get to experience first-hand.  There was amazing worship, awesome speakers, and most of all, just wonderful fellowship where everyone was able to [...]

Kids Need To Be Kids by Meg Lowery

2019-10-23T09:01:20-05:00August 10th, 2015|Meg Lowery|

It is an easy place I see single parents cozy up to.  Specifically I see it in single moms.  It's an easy place to go to and it's comfortable for us...for now.  So it makes it okay? Not at all. What am I talking about? I am talking about kids who are forced to grow [...]

What If By LaVeda Jones

2019-10-23T09:03:07-05:00August 3rd, 2015|Laveda Jones|

I find myself worried at times about the unseen in my children’s lives. Those things that keep me up at night or even the stories shared with me by my friends and family and how their lives changed because of one choice. I remember being told as a new mother that we carry our children [...]