3rd Annual TLSM Impact Luncheon on 5/14/2015

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Join The Life of a Single Mom Ministries on Thursday, May 14, 2015, at 11:30am for our 3rd Annual TLSM Impact Luncheon. It will be hosted at the newly renovated Crowne Plaza, located at 4728 Constitution Avenue Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where a 3-course lunch will be provided. Come hear stories of lives changed and the way The Life of [...]

5 Ways to Love Yourself by Meg Lowery

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Being a single parent has moments of highs and lows just like any other journey in life, but if there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that I have to think about myself just as much as my child or I will lose site of who I am as a person in this entire [...]

Love is on Your Horizon By Christy Johnson

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Love is on Your Horizon I grew up watching the Love Boat. Ok…so, right now, I know I’m dating myself a bit, so let me just take care of that first. I’m forever 21 x 2.57. Or in layman’s terms….old. At least old to most of you reading this. You can do the math. Or [...]

When God is Silent

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It was dark. The silence was deafening. Nothingness. It was my eighth consecutive night of virtually no sleep. I was surrounded with only my thoughts. I had cried so much that there were no tears left. The mourning was still in my heart, but the tears wouldn’t flow. God, where are you? Do you hear me? [...]

When Your Child is Failed by Elisabeth Klein

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At the beginning of my separation, after my kids and I had moved out and we had started the visitation schedule, I clearly remember one of the first weekends my kids were gone.  At the end of the weekend, my then fifteen-year-old daughter walked through the front door of our home and straight into my [...]