Cyber Monday Deals for Single Moms

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Who doesn't love a good sale? And it's even better when 100% of all proceeds go to support single mothers! The Life of a Single Mom Ministries has a large array of gift items perfect for Holiday Shopping for single moms. Not only do we have a number of Single Moms' Devotionals and Bible Studies, [...]

Changing Seasons by Steve Repak

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Are you a spring, summer, winter or fall person?  I am proud to call myself a summer person.  I love the hot weather, going to the beach, and the many hours of sunlight.  Do you like spring, when things start coming alive? Or maybe you are a fall person who loves seeing the leaves change.  Take [...]

Church, We Must Do Better by Elisabeth Klein

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As I walked through my church-led reconciliation attempt, through my separation, and then through and post-divorce, my church experience was ninety-five percent positive, and I will be forever grateful. I felt heard, believed, supported, and prayed for. I was given ample time, wise counsel, anointed with oil, and taken care of. Yet, some things were [...]