Raising Boys Alone by Latoya Edwards

2019-10-30T14:12:54-05:00June 30th, 2014|Latoya Edwards|

The one thing that I struggle with is not having a male role model for my boys. Well....I guess that's not the only thing I struggle with, but it's a big one! When dad isn't around or isn't consistently around, it's hard to deal with.  I love my boys, but I'm not a man. Simple [...]

Fundraising For Your Single Moms’ Program

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Fundraising for your single moms' program can be challenging. The financial aspect of any ministry or nonprofit organization can prove to be challenging, but when ministering to the needs of financially-strapped single moms, it can seem almost insurmountable! Single Moms Ministries and programs in churches is also still considered a new concept, as it wasn't [...]

Happy Father’s Day, Single Mom! by Jennifer Maggio

2019-11-13T08:40:20-05:00June 14th, 2014|Help For Single Moms, the life of a single mom ministries|

There are few holidays that are more difficult for a single mother than Father’s Day. For this day highlights great lack in most single mother’s lives. The endless questions begin to flow. “Why don’t my children have the loving father they deserve?” “Why do I have to do everything and he does nothing?” “Why must I struggle [...]

Offense in Single Moms Ministry by Jennifer Maggio

2019-11-13T08:44:20-05:00June 9th, 2014|Help For Ministry Leaders, Help For Single Moms|

Hurt feelings. Misunderstood words. Angry reactions. It happens daily to all of us, so why should we expect that the church is immune to such situations? We have this expectation of the church staff or pastoral team to handle every situation perfectly. Sadly, many have used a difficult encounter with church personnel as an inefficient [...]