The Life of a Single Mom CEO Featured in The New York Times

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Help For Single Moms: Jennifer Barnes Maggio Of ‘The Life Of A Single Mom Ministries’ Offers Resources Maggio, recently featured in a New York Times article, believes that connecting single mothers with church support groups can be the catalyst to helping single moms realize their life goals and start down the path [...]

A Piece of Wood by Linda Ranson Jacobs

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“This is what the Lord says—Israel’s King and Redeemer, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies: “I am the First and the Last; there is no other God.” Isaiah 44:6 (NLT) What would you think about someone who bowed down to a piece of wood? Someone who made a piece of wood her god and allowed that [...]

20 Things I Want My 18-Year Old To Know

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  As I sat to ponder my son's upcoming eighteenth birthday, my mind was flooded with memories from his childhood - the first time he swung a baseball to bat, his first words, first steps, the first time he said, "I wub you." I could not believe that the last eighteen years had flown by, [...]

5 Parenting Do’s

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The 5 Simple "Do's" of Parenting: 1. Have fun with your kids. Get crazy. Relax. Giggle. Enjoy time together. If you are such a rigid, unyielding, disciplinarian, your kids probably hate to see you coming! Enjoy your kiddos. 2. Mean what you say. Don't be fickle. Kids crave stability. Give it to them. If they know [...]

Good Fear by Jennifer Maggio

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Healthy fear is a good thing. Sure, it’s important to cast out unhealthy fear. We need to stand strong, be courageous, and take our place in this world. But having great reverence and fear for our strong, Heavenly Father is not only important – it’s wise. We need to understand who the Lord is. He [...]

Praise for Peace and the Single Mom

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“Single moms are often an untouched and overlooked ministry in the chairs of our churches and in our communities. Jennifer Maggio has opened a wide, new, door to share the love of Christ.” --Vic Comstock, senior pastor, Family Life Fellowship, Missouri “Like a wise friend, Jennifer Maggio, invites a single mom to experience Jesus as she [...]