Why Single Moms Don’t Go To Church

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It is estimated that 67% of single parents in the United States do not actively attend church anywhere. Why don't they? In talking with single parents from around the country, conducting independent studies, and doing research for our ministry, here is what we found: Many single parents fear they will be judged. Whether unplanned pregnancy [...]

One-Time Events for Single Parents Are Not Enough

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With an estimated 15 million single mothers in the United States and numbers increasing daily, it is imperative that the local church have a thriving single mothers program. And no, your one-time Mother's Day Banquet or annual Single Moms Oil Change isn't enough. Those are great programs, but single moms desire long-term Bible studies, discipleship, and [...]

Debunking Single Parent Ministry Myths

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With a growing number of churches within the body of Christ embracing the need to minister to single parents, many questions have arisen (along with a little confusion) regarding the topic. While I wouldn't dare paint every church or situation with the same brush, I want to take some time today to answer the most [...]