The Life of a Single Mom Ministry’s End-of-the-Year Giving Campaign

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  For every single mother sitting in your church, there are 2 others that feel they don't belong. There are 15 million single moms nationwide and numbers grow daily. Many struggle financially, emotionally, or parentally. TLSM Ministries has served more than 20,000 single parent families. We are a 501c3 that has been recognized in countless [...]

Kids and the Single Mom: A Real-World Guide to Effective Parenting by Jennifer Maggio

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The last thing single moms need is another book heavy on theory and light on practice. They need practical, real-world guidance from an “insider,” from one who has been there in the trenches and foxholes of single parenting and not only lived to tell about it, but delights in sharing in a candid, down-to-earth manner [...]