How to Find a Godly Man

2019-11-13T15:15:13-05:00September 3rd, 2012|Help For Single Moms|

We are asked often about how on earth to find a good, Christian man ? Are they all gone? Are there any good, Christian men left? Is it possible to find a godly man in today's age?  If we aren't careful, we can have untrue thoughts, because of our hurt, trauma, and pasts. Those thoughts can [...]

Pastors, Do You Hear the Cry?

2019-11-13T15:18:42-05:00June 22nd, 2012|Help For Ministry Leaders|

I wrote an article entitled, “Why Single Moms Don’t Go to Church” in response to my opinion on why almost 70% of single mothers in our country are not actively involved in the local body of Christ. You can read that article HERE. Within minutes of its release, our ministry received hundreds of responses via [...]

5 Reasons Single Moms Should Go To Church

2019-11-13T15:19:37-05:00May 20th, 2012|Help For Single Moms|

You were never created to do life alone. We were created for fellowship and relationship. We need each other. We need fellowship. We cannot isolate and think that Satan won't use that opportunity to manipulate our thinking. (Remember what Peter said in Matthew 17:4?) Depression is even more likely when we don't gather. Looking [...]