Will you be among the single mothers, former single mothers, and single mom supporters in 21 states who have decided to join us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the 2015 National TLSM Single Moms Conference on June 19-20, 2015?

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Will you be sitting in the room when single mothers from around the nation gather from east, west, north, and south for one reason? Will you be there when the lights go dim and the spotlight shines on the opening number and the crowd gets excited?

TLSM conference

Will you be there for the Cajun after-party held in your honor? Will you hear the single parenting experts from literally around the world, including Brazil, the U.S., and Nigeria — the speakers who have flown in to invest in you and your single moms’ ministry team?

register-now-200x79Will you be there to visit vendor booths and apply for jobs? Will you come giggle and cry together?

Will you be there to hear from God, as He encourages, heals, restores, and plants dreams?

In 100 days….will you be there?


The Life of a Single Mom (TLSM) is a 501c3 nonprofit that exists to serve single parents and those who work with single parents. We are fully accredited through a variety of organizations that include high levels of financial accountability and awards for our premiere financial stewardship, including GuideStar, Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability, Great Nonprofits, Chamber of Commerce, LANO, and others.