Where Will YOU Be in 45 Days?

When the lkeep-calm-only-45-days-to-go-2ights dim, the first note is played, and the dancer walks on stage for the opening number…. where will you be?

When the women from PA, NJ, FL, GA, TN, AR, LA, MS, OH, and states all across the land gather to pray….where will you be?

When the food and fun and laughter flow…will you be there?

When national speakers from near and far land in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to help change lives with the power of God…will you be there?

When the ministry leaders gather to talk about best practices and challenges and fresh ideas on how to serve single mothers in their communities….will you be there?

When the single mom who is parenting a special needs child learns fresh techniques, we want you there.

When the future entrepreneur get just the right encouragement to inspire her business launch, we want you to see.

When the single momma who feels she’s juggling way too many plates hears about how to live a balanced life and gets just what she needs, we want you to hear, too!

The National TLSM Single Moms Conference is 45 days away and we hope that every woman will come and stand with single mothers across this country, that they would know that they do not walk alone. We have created this powerful event just for you, single mom. We want you to be equipped, encouraged, inspired, and changed. We want you to laugh and dance and smile and release. We want the very presence of God to give you the hope that only He can. And we believe that you should … be there!

These two days were designed to give single mothers a refreshing time to learn and grow. We have the food taken care of and childcare is available, if you need it. The cost is $39, which is less than most pedicures or hair cuts, these days. And we think, it’ll be well worth your time, so join us on July 15-16 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Healing Place Church for the National TLSM Single Moms Conference.

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