The Church & The Single Mom Ministry Resource Kit

The Life of a Single Mom Ministries exists to see that no single mom walks alone. We offer a wide array of products, services, events, resources, training, and encouragement to both single parents and those who work with them. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “how do we make a difference in the lives of single parents as a church?”

Our response is to launch a single parents’ support group in your church. It is important to recognize that beyond a one-time event, such as a Mother’s Day Brunch or Christmas Celebration, single parent support groups provide sustainable ways for single parents to connect, grow, network, and be discipled. We also believe that the group should be more than a 10-week Bible study, but rather a long-term ministry.








The Church and the Single Mom Ministry Resource Kit is a thorough How-To Guide on starting a Single Parent Program in your church. It can also give an existing single parent program a face lift.

The Church and the Single Mom Resource Kit is one of the nation’s fastest-selling, comprehensive kits for launching or improving a single moms ministry in your church and community. It is being used in hundreds of churches of all kinds, nonprofits, and communities and contains 7 years of front-lines experience and expert research. The kit answers questions such as budget concerns, getting started, growing, why you need this vital ministry, volunteers, and much more.

The kit includes a teaching DVD,  extensive workbook, customizable CD for print materials and 4 copies of The Church and the Single Mom book (book also sold separately), AND purchase of kit includes a free 30-minute phone consultation with our ministry! Find out everything you need to know to minister to single parents in your church more successfully.

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The Life of a Single Mom Ministries has helped more than 1200 churches in 19 countries establish or improve their outreach and ministry to single parents. It is considered a go-to resource for pastors and lay leaders and has been endorsed by some of the nation’s largest churches and Christian nonprofits. 

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  1. Lydia August 17, 2016 at 5:46 pm - Reply

    How can I benefit from your training to help in my side of the globe.? I’m a single mum through divorce from Ghana, W/Africa. I have the strong desire to help single mothers through ministry.

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