Single Mom University Enrollment Open!

Enrollment has begun! After years of planning, preparation, and prayer, Single Mom University (SMU) is here! Two years ago, The Life of a Single Mom team began the hard work of investigating the right teachers for our SMU classrooms, uncovering the most frequently asked topics that single moms or ministry leaders inquired about, and planting all the behind-the-scenes logistical tools necessary to make this program successful. We could not be more thrilled about the final product. It’s beautiful, and we think you’re gonna love it! So, today, we’re officially opening enrollment to Single Mom University!
You may have tons of questions. Who was SMU created for? What can I expect? What can I get from it? How do I join? Watch this short video from our SMU Founder & Director, Jennifer Maggio to learn more.

We worked hard to identify the best teachers for the job. And we’re so excited that many leading experts in their respective field joined this initiative. We have current and former single moms, those raised by a single mom, or authors and speakers whose lives have been dedicated to service for single mothers. The university is simply an online classroom that teaches life skills classes that single moms have told us are important to them. What’s great about the university is that it’s self-paced. You have the time to take one ten-minute class each month or several, depending on your schedule. There are 70 classes available now and we’ll be uploading new classes frequently, so you’ll always have content available. You can even graduate from the university for additional benefits and features!

Ministry Leaders, SMU is ideal for you! Classes are perfect for group discussion to help facilitate a teaching around a subject matter that is important to your ladies within the support group. SMU provides at-your-finger-tips coursework and Bibles studies that removes the guess work from your lesson each week.  Additionally, there is a Ministry Leaders Corner with everything from how to fund raise for your ministry to event planning and how to avoid burnout as a leader. SMU was designed to support you in your journey to reach more single moms!
 Single Moms, that goes twice for you! The classrooms are designed in 10-minute increments, so you may jump on and take one class or take many classes, depending on the amount of time you have. The classes consist of short videos, quizzes, homework, and additional resources on that subject matter. What are the subjects? Well….glad you asked! There is everything from Sex & Dating to Money Matters to Parenting those kiddos well, and much more! If you join, you get access to all the classes in any given month! Also, we will be constantly uploading new content throughout the year. You can even become a graduate of Single Mom University and receive the benefits of being an alumnae! The possibilities are endless. So check it out today!

The Life of a Single Mom is a national nonprofit dedicated to seeing no single mom walk alone. The ministry has established or improved more than 1,500 support groups in communities and churches and developed industry-leading program dedicated to improving the lives of single mothers and their children. For more information, visit

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