Fundraising For Your Single Moms’ Program

The financial aspect of any ministry or nonprofit organization can prove to be challenging, but when ministering to the needs of financially-strapped single moms, it can be almost insurmountable. Ministries have to be creative in their fundraising efforts, especially since most don’t have the luxury of passing the offering plate on Sundays like most churches do. We hope these tips will give you some new ideas on raising money to further your ministry to single parents in your church or community.

  1. Bake sales. The good old-fashioned bake sale is a tried and true way to raise hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. It’s the only time that people will pay $2 for a brownie that’s little more than an inch long. This is also a great way to get the single moms and kids of your group involved, too.
  2. Garage sales. Your trash, their treasure.  Have a big garage sale at your local church. Enlist the help of the entire church.
  3. Praise & worship nights or concerts. Often, churches have access to amazing singers and worship bands. Host a single moms’ worship night at the event with all proceeds from offering or ticket sales going towards the single moms’ ministry.
  4. Silent auctions online. These are part of the new age of online technology. Online auctions prove to be simple and easy. Simply have local businesses donate goods and services and advertise a week-long (day-long or month-long is fine, too) advertising event. There are tons of online companies that help at little to no charge.
  5. Fundraising luncheons and galas bring out people’s generous side. Put together a low-cost dinner or luncheon at your church and sell tickets to the event.
  6. Make donations easy by having a website where donations can be made.
  7. For big events, we solicit the help of our single moms. We ask single moms if they would like to help us fundraise.
  8. Type up a letter with letterhead and your tax identification number (if applicable) and ask local businesses to jump on board with your fundraising efforts.
  9. Better yet, sell marketing sponsorships to businesses for your events. Offer packages at different price points that allow businesses to support your ministry, but also receive an advertising bonus, as well.
  10. Have a friendly competition among volunteers. Create a fun Saturday Sales Blitz in your office or home, where volunteers can come volunteer an hour of their time to make phone calls to local businesses and individuals. Give prizes to those who raise the most money.

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