How to Find a Job

Job searches can be tedious, time-consuming, exhausting, and sometimes fruitless. I hope to bring some clarity to what you can and should be doing to make the best use of your time and to secure the job of your dreams (or at least one that will pay the bills).

1. Pound the pavement. Get your resume together. Put on a business suit. And to everywhere you may be interested in working. You will not likely speak to the manager, but leave a resume with the receptionist and attempt to secure a better time for an interview. Sometimes, this method can open a door with a company that may not be actively looking, but anticipates an opening in coming months.

2. List your resume on every online resource possible. Do not assume that the same openings that are on are also on and so forth. Take the time to list your resume everywhere, including Monster, CareerBuilders, TheLadders, government websites, local newspapers, and local hiring websites.

3. Comb through the local paper. While some may think this is an antiquated form of research, you will find that many desperate employers will put advertisements any and everywhere to find the right employee.

4. Be open to working for a temporary agency. You may be leary of accepting a temporary job, when you have permanent bills. But many temporary jobs turn into long-term jobs, and those that don’t can still lead to good leads, future opportunities, and income flowing in.

5. Interview well.

6. Send a mass email to every friend, acquaintance, or business prospect you know. Attach your resume. Friends of friends are a great resource on your job hunt.

7. Keep your old job until you find a new one, when possible. Many employers want to see that you are actively working, not just waiting on the perfect opportunity.

8. Be willing to start at the bottom. It doesn’t matter if you were the CEO of ABC Company 10 years ago. You are unemployed now and sometimes that means you start over. Leave your ego at the door.

9. Don’t sell yourself short. You are capable of doing many things. Diversify your job search to include some things that you were too timid to try before.

10. Utilize social media contacts to job search. Also, be certain that your social media reflects what you would want any future employer to see.

Author/Speaker Jennifer Maggio is considered one of the nation’s leading authorities on single parents’ and mothers’ issues. She was an 11-time Circle of Excellence Winner in Corporate America, before founding Overwhelmed: The Single Moms Magazine and The Life of a Single Mom Ministries. She has been featured on countless radio and television programs and has a heart to see that no single mother walks alone. For more information, visit 

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