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The Life of a Single Mom Ministries’ resources have not only been endorsed by some of the nation’s largest churches and nonprofit organizations, but they have soared to the top of Amazon and have been met with award-winning critical acclaim, global endorsements, & high rankings on retail sites.

TLSM offers information on a variety of topics, such as single parent outreach and ministry training and best practices for your single parent ministry. In addition, we offer books for single parents and great small group study materials on a wide range of topics, including parenting, managing money, finding peace, overcoming abuse, and more!

**When looking for teaching materials for support groups, we recommend you start with Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom. Then, move to Kids and the Single Mom followed by Peace and the Single Mom. All are structured with study questions for group or individual study and are listed below.

Peace and the Single Mom: 50 Moments of Calm in the Chaos

Peace and the Single Mom, our latest release, is now available!   

Are you an overwhelmed, exhausted, worn-out, stressed-out and fed-up single mother who is looking for hope?

Are you a relaxed, hope-filled, rejuvenated single mother who is resting in His word?

Or are you somewhere in between?

This book is for you! Anticipated to become our bestseller, this 50-part devotional is designed to be read at your pace, spanning every emotional struggle imaginable from Strength & Hope to Exhaustion, Fury, and Finding Humor in the daily grind of single parenthood.

Order your copy today. Ideal for small group study or individual use. (Free 4-week, 6-week, or 10-week Study Guide available with purchase. Email our office after purchase with your preference on Study Guide length.)


Kids and the Single Mom: A Real-World Guide to Effective Parenting

On an honest and sometimes hilarious journey, Kids and the Single Mom teaches single moms how to navigate the rough waters of parenting alone. From infants to teens and sleep patterns to curfews, the author covers it all. Book is complete with a study section and leader’s guide, ideal for group or individual study.



The Church and the Single Mom

The Church and the Single Mom introduces every breathing soul to the single mom’s journey, her heartaches, her triumphs, and how her story affects us all. Read real-life accounts of single mom experiences with the local church. Understand why everyone should care. Be prepared to be moved to action in this compelling, eye-opening, page turner. Book also includes a step-by-step introductory guide to starting a life-changing single moms ministry in your community and reached #1 in ministry resource materials on



Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom

Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom starts as a riveting autobiography that resonates with virtually every single mother, but quickly transitions into a 12-part study on every facet of the single parent journey, including parenting effectively, managing finances,  securing emotional health, and much, much more. Ideal for group or individual study. Book is currently being taught in churches around the world and has been heralded, “….the real, raw version of the single mom’s journey.” It has been our number-one selling resource for single moms for the last 3 years. 



The Church and the Single Mom Comprehensive Start-Up Kit

Need a thorough How-To Guide on starting a Single Parent Program in your church? Need help giving your current program a face-lift? The Church and the Single Mom Training Kit is one of the nation’s fastest-selling, comprehensive kits for launching or improving a single moms ministry in your church and community. It is being used in hundreds of churches of all kinds, nonprofits, and communities, as it contains almost a decade of first-hand experience and expert research on how to work with and encourage single parents. The kit answers questions such as budget concerns, getting started, growing your support group, why you need this vital ministry, volunteers, and much more.  The kit includes a teaching DVD,  extensive 200-page workbook, customizable CD for print materials and 4 copies of The Church and the Single Mom book (book also sold separately), AND purchase of kit includes a free 30-minute phone consultation with our ministry! Find out everything you need to know to minister to single parents in your church more successfully.


Single Mom’s 4-Book Super Pack

Get a single mom in your life an amazing birthday, Christmas, or just-because gift and bless her with the TLSM Ministries super-pack. Book set is ideal for any single mom or ministry leader who works with single moms. Books are used in both small group Bible studies and individual studies.

Includes: Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom, The Church and the Single Mom, Kids and the Single Mom: A Real-World Guide to Effective Parenting, and Peace and the Single Mom: 50 Moments of Calm in the Chaos



Ministry Mega Package:

Start-Up Kit, Single Mom Super Pack, and Unlimited Consultations

If you are a ministry leader looking to launch a single parent support group or give your current program a face lift, then this is the package for you. Enjoy the Comprehensive Ministry Training Kit, The Single Moms 4-book Superpack, and Unlimited Phone & Email Consultations for 1 year. This is everything you need to launch an effective single parent initiative in your church or community.





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