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The Life of a Single Mom Ministries (TLSM) is a 501c3 global nonprofit governed by its Board of Directors.

Our Board is comprised of highly-knowledgeable, diverse leaders who bring a variety of skill sets to our foundation. Our board works together to further the vision of TLSM. Our Board of Directors are volunteers who serve a two-year term (with an option to renew not to exceed five years) to provide oversight and accountability for the staff of TLSM.

Our Board meets on a quarterly basis (and more frequently, as needed). All financials, reports, salaries, and policies are approved by said Board.

The Life of a Single Mom Ministries desires to operate with 100% transparency and additional information is available upon request.

Board of Directors:

Eunice McCarney, Board President

Michelle Petersen, Vice President

Debbie Spano, Treasurer

Kelli Jones, Secretary

Karen Thomas

Dr. Pam Beadle

Kellie Duhon

Jennifer Hardin

Jolene Hardy