50 Ways to Grow Your Single Moms Ministry

The Life of a Single Mom Ministries wants to help you grow your single mom’s ministry or support group in your church! The approximate size for most single mothers’ ministries that we have worked with is about 8 single mothers. We know that when hosting a special single moms’ event at your church, numbers go up significantly in the single parent ministry. We’ve written extensively on how to host a single mom’s event, how to plan it well, and how to ensure it is successful. (You can read about that on our website and membership pages.) That said, we have compiled a list of common places, where single mothers can be found. This will help you in advertising your single mom’s support group.  (Be sure to have plenty of business cards, postcards, or flyers on hand, so that you can pass them out at these locations!)

©Jason Cohen Photography

©Jason Cohen Photography

We want every single mother in the nation to know she does not walk alone. She has value and purpose. She is seen by God and her family is loved by Him. That said, we want her to know about your support group at your church. So, we hope this list helps!

  1. Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts of America (or similar community group that focuses on youth)
  2. Laundry Mats
  3. Grocery Stores
  4. Schools (all ages/all grades)
  5. Community Centers
  6. Co-workers
  7. Childcare Centers
  8. Bus Stops or Public Transportation
  9. Coffee Shops
  10. Concerts/Theater Productions/Plays (music, family, etc.)
  11. Dance Groups or other Extracurricular activities centered around children
  12. Playgrounds/Parks
  13. Mall or Shopping Centers
  14. Hospitals/Clinics/Health Units
  15. Pregnancy Crisis Clinics
  16. Sporting Events/Sports Complexes or Fields
  17. Public Libraries
  18. Church Bulletin or Pulpit Announcement (We’ve found many single moms don’t know they have a single mom’s ministry at their church! Or they do know, but a simple announcement helps to spearhead them making the plunge to get involved!)
  19. Gyms or other Public Health Facilities
  20. Gas Stations
  21. Restaurants
  22. Dating Sites (Let’s face it whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, dating sites attract single mothers. Sometimes, there are social media pages that allow for public posting. Or you can purchase a low-cost ad on a dating site for others in the area to know you exist. What better place to talk about dating best-practices with single moms, than in the church?!)
  23. Post Office
  24. Consignment Clothing Boutiques or Used Clothing
  25. Nonprofit Partners – United Way, Volunteers of America, Big Buddy Program, etc.
  26. Museums and Public Attractions, such as theme parks or fairs
  27. Community Events
  28. Job Fairs
  29. Divorce Attorneys and/or Courthouse
  30. Child Advocacy Centers, such as CASA or other government-sponsored organizations that focus on safe environments for children
  31. Local newspaper ad, e.g. Nickle Ad, Community Clippers, Coffee Chat, etc.
  32. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  33. TLSM Map – The Life of a Single Mom Ministries hosts a national map for churches who have single parent support groups and ministries. We are glad to put any faith-based single mom’s support group on our map, so that other single moms in your area can find you!
  34. Booths – Public fairs, Events, Sunday service at church, or others. It’s a great way to disseminate information about your single mom’s ministry.
  35. Single moms! Single moms know where other single moms gather. Use the single moms who are already in your group to brainstorm fresh ideas on finding new moms. Have they invited their friends or family to the support group, yet?
  36. WIC Offices, Department of Health & Human Services, Governmental Agencies
  37. Child Support Enforcement office
  38. Apartment complexes
  39. Community Calendars/Boards
  40. Area Summer Camps
  41. Dollar Stores (Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, etc.)
  42. Family Reunions
  43. Employers usually have a break room. Hang flyers there!
  44. Social Events/Parties
  45. School
  46. OB/GYN Physician Offices
  47. Newspaper & Radio – Many local media venues are looking for a great story. Solicit your local media avenues to have you on air or simply put your group membership meeting times on their website. (That is always free!)
  48. Mommy bloggers! Bloggers are a powerful group of people, particularly mothers! Have bloggers in your area write about your ministry (Even if they aren’t single moms themselves, it is likely single moms read their work).
  49. Other Churches – Teamwork makes the dream work! There are likely area churches in your community that do not host a single mom’s support group, but would love to plug in their single mothers in their church! Have them advertise for you that your church is hosting a single moms support group every Tuesday, if you are open to all single moms. And we hope that you are open to ALL single moms!
  50. Community Colleges/ Trade Schools/ Traditional Universities


TLSMFinalThe Life of a Single Mom Ministries is a global nonprofit committed to seeing no single mom walk alone. Having served more than 50,000 single mothers and 1,500 churches, the goal of the organization is establish support groups for single mothers in cities around the world, while also empowering single moms to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, and parentally. For more information, visit www.thelifeofasinglemom.com

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